pondělí 25. října 2010

Bezplatné 3D modely a návody pro Rhino

Image courtesy of FlyingArchitecture.com

Na serveru FlyingArchitecture.com naleznete rozsáhlou knihovnu bezplatných 3D modelů pro Rhinoceros, 3DS Max, Cinemu 4D a mnoho dalších modelovacích programů. Naleznete zde nejen modely, ale také materiály, textury a návody.

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kolson řekl(a)...

"bezplatne-3d-modely-navody-pro-rhino" is a resource for free 3D models and tutorials for Rhino software. It offers a variety of models for various projects and well-explained tutorials, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced users.
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Rubyrise řekl(a)...

In 2022, GrabCAD and Thingiverse are popular platforms for free 3D models for Rhino software, covering architecture, engineering, and product design. YouTube offers tutorials and resources on Rhino, making them accessible and contributing to the growth of 3D design communities Fairfax Domestic Violence Lawyer.