pátek 3. prosince 2010

Dává SnS Rhinu křídla?

... podle Iana Boyda.

Přečtěte si o využití MKP analýzy v Rhinu v modulu Scan&Solve lři výrobě kancelářských židlí.

"Oh yeah, SnS gives Rhino wings. The firm I work for manufactures high-end office chairs. The mother company is in Germany. The problem is, they have higher quality materials and processes than we do here in South Africa. We have been working very hard at playing catch up over the last year or so (I came back from a trip to Taiwan in March wondering "How on Earth are we going to match that?!")

SnS analysis, in the space of 2 weeks, has allowed us to visualise the structural calculations we were doing by hand... "

Celý článek (anglicky)...

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