pátek 30. prosince 2011

Programujte svého robota ABB z Grasshopperu

Hal je nový plugin pro Grasshopper, který umožňuje rychle vytvářet RAPID kód (programovací jazyk pro roboty ABB). Poté je možné nastavit plně parametrické generování kódu pro robotizovanou nestandardní výrobu vašich návrhů z Grasshopperu.

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Tara řekl(a)...

"Programujte svého robota" je interaktivní kurz navržený pro všechny věkové skupiny, kteří chtějí naučit se programovat a ovládat své vlastní roboty. Kurz poskytuje praktické dovednosti v programování a technickém designu, aby účastníci mohli zkoumat a experimentovat s automatizací a robotikou ve světě plném inovací a technologií.

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R3_international řekl(a)...

Grasshopper is a visual programming language plugin for Rhino, a 3D modeling software. You may need to install additional plugins that enable communication with ABB robots. There might be plugins specifically designed for this purpose or plugins that support exporting motion paths in a compatible format. Before deploying the program to the actual robot, it's essential to simulate the robot's movements within the programming software to ensure that everything works as expected. This step helps identify any potential issues or collisions that need to be addressed before running the program on the physical robot.This blog is a goldmine of information. Your blog packs a punch in just a few sentences. Your words are like gems. Thank you for sharing this! A quick, delightful read that left me inspired Thanks! "Your comment is like a burst of confetti, adding joy to our blog. elfbar pi9000

Zova Zoe řekl(a)...

"Programujte svého robota ABB z Grasshopperu" appears to be a guide on programming ABB robots from Grasshopper. A review would focus on the clarity and effectiveness of the instructions provided, evaluating how well it enables users to understand and implement the process. It would assess the comprehensiveness of the guide, covering various aspects such as setup, programming techniques, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the review might consider the accessibility of the material for users with different levels of expertise. Suggestions for improvement could include adding visual aids, examples, or interactive elements to enhance learning. Overall, the review aims to help users navigate and utilize the resource effectively. fairfax divorce attorney