středa 27. května 2009

Videa ze Shape To Fabrication 3 jsou nyní on-line!

První dvě videa z konference Shape to Fabrication 3 jsou nyní on-line:
  • 01 ze 14 - James Haig Streeter (EDAW)
    Scripting the Public Realm

    In this presentation James outlines how Rhino was used in four public realm projects: Pier Head - Liverpool; Westfield Shopping Centre - London, Blackpool Sea Defences and a Wind Tower project in Doha - Qatar

  • 02 ze 14 - Jalal El-Ali (Buro Happold)
    Madrid Law Courts with Foster and Partners; Mediacite Liege with Ron Arad Associates

    Buro Happold developed an automated routine in Rhino for the Madrid Law Courts that optimised the position of the structure and allowed panels, structural beams and nodes all to be automatically extracted and documented. For Mediacite Buro Happold automated the analysis of the complex roof structure with a model built automated using RhinoScript.

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