úterý 15. listopadu 2011

Konference a workshopy ROB|ARCH 2012

Robots in Architecture právě oznámili data svých prvních workshopů ROB|ARCH conference & workshops v roce 2012!

Podívejte se na video z kurzu Robot Master Class, který se konal u příležitosti konání akce Design Modelling Symposium Berlin.

A velice brzo bude k dispozici plugin pro Grasshopper pro parametrické řízení robotů (KUKA|prc). Bude dostupný zde.

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Attending the ROB|ARCH 2012 Conference and Workshops is a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology in architecture. Don't forget to prioritize primary health care too with Meri Sehat's online medical services, providing easy access to primary health care resources. Stay healthy and sharp for a successful conference experience.

Mahira Jameel řekl(a)...

Attending the konference-workshopy-robarch-2012 was an amazing experience! The workshops were informative and the presentations were inspiring. I especially loved the lawn dress exhibit, which showcased innovative designs in wearable technology. It was a perfect blend of art and science, and I left feeling inspired to create something new.

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