úterý 28. října 2008

ACADIA projekty v Grasshopperu

David Fano zveřejnil projekty studentů ACADIA vytvořené v Grasshopperu na webu DesignReForm. Velice zábavné!

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The review on 'ACADIA projekty v Grasshopperu' showcases Grasshopper's innovative projects, providing insights into their creative aspects. The author praises Grasshopper's use in parametric design and computational tools, making it an informative resource. The review could benefit from specific project highlights or key features to provide a more detailed understanding of the showcased designs. It serves as an engaging introduction to ACADIA projects, emphasizing Grasshopper's application in pushing architectural and design boundaries. Overall, 'ACADIA projekty v Grasshopperu' promotes Grasshopper integration in architectural projects, inspiring those interested in computational design.