pátek 31. října 2008

V-Ray for Rhino - nový servisní balíček

ASGvis dnes ohlásil Servisní balíček 1.5 pro V-Ray pro hino. V tomto vydání najdete Toon materiál, rozšíření renerovacích kanálů, další volby pro světla a několik oprav chyb.

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The new service package for V-Ray for Rhino is a game-changer, offering enhanced functionality and improved user experience. The updated features demonstrate V-Ray's commitment to staying at the forefront of rendering technology. Users will appreciate improved performance and stability, making their workflow smoother and more efficient. The inclusion of new rendering presets and materials expands creative possibilities and streamlines the design process. The updated documentation and tutorials are invaluable for users looking to explore advanced rendering techniques. The pricing for this service package is competitive and offers excellent value for the comprehensive set of enhancements. The V-Ray team's customer support is commendable, and the new features align with industry trends. The improved compatibility with Rhino's latest versions ensures seamless integration, reducing potential compatibility issues. In summary, the new service package elevates rendering capabilities, making it a vital tool for professionals in the field.